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Architectonics is a young innovative and emerging interdisciplinary design studio based in Mumbai, founded by Yogesh Subhash Karekar.  A keen interest of Architectonics is the creation of spatial episodes to provide perceptual experiences regardless of the typology of the project.


A Luxurious space overlooking the sea and the city from a different perspective. The elevation is designed to give a dual aspect of both the views. We have strategically planned simplexes and duplexes and the entire elevation is a symmetrical design. The concept is to appreciate the uninterrupted view, especially from the terrace. Hence, we have utilised the terrace with beautifully designed open spaces for residents to enjoy the fresh air everyday.

A beautiful apartment, overlooking the Shivaji Park and the sea. The design concept started with the idea of appreciating the view with french windows and capturing the elegant space with alco entrance design. The interiors for each room are tailor-made to set the perfect mood. The informal and elegant space of the living room, the playful colours in the family room, the combination of vibrant, neutral, and crisp designs, all reflect the different personalities of its residents.

An interior project to redesign a luggage rack and reception table for a working gymnasium. Since we did not get to work on site, we decided to fabricate the whole system off-site and get it assembled overnight. To create an interesting corner, we designed a 3D waveform with a tucked-in faceted reception table to offset it from the curvy wave pattern. We also planned for their marketing support and added shelves to showcase their awards and new products.

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