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Typical desk layout at Architectonics clicked by Yogesh Karekar


Architectonics is a young innovative and emerging interdisciplinary design studio based in Mumbai, founded by Yogesh Subhash Karekar.

A keen interest of Architectonics is the creation of spatial episodes to provide perceptual experiences regardless of the typology of the project.

The methodology of our creative process considers the contextual elements of the site, the client and the specific requirements of each project as a reference for design. Apart from formalist trends, we create a unique and contemporary language for each project. The design expression is reflected in the vivid experience of place through spatial and material tectonics.


With evolving lifestyles, there is a constant need of comfort, style and aesthetic designs. We are a team of design enthusiasts who thrives on developing design solutions inspired by nature in combination with advanced technology and clean aesthetics. We believe in elegance and designs that are contemporary.

Yogesh Subhash Karekar, Founder at Architectonics | The Design Studio

Yogesh Subhash Karekar


Yogesh Karekar is the Founder and Principal Designer at Architectonics. He completed his studies in architecture in 2004 from Mumbai. After gaining extensive experience in the field, He studied Masters in Architecture at the IAAC, Barcelona in 2013. At Architectonics, Yogesh oversees the design, production and execution of all architectural projects.

Yogesh is the fourth & second-generation architect in the family, and he is taking ahead of the legacy with a new approach. He has worked with renowned architectural firms like PK Das & Asso., Archgroup (Dubai), DSP Design Assoc., and Malik Architecture where he gained significant design and project experience on numerous award-winning projects.

Yogesh has also been part of the faculty at Sir J J COA, Kamala Raheja COA, IES's COA, and has been a critic and guest lecturer for many other schools and organisations. 

The perspective of life is different for each age group. Yogesh tries to look and experience through the younger generation's eyes which shows a new lifestyle as architecture is all about adapting. He is also an iPhonegrapher, and his photographs are exhibited at various places.

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